We're Not A Bus, an indie pop duo based in Los Angeles.

Not A Bus is a collaboration between songwriters David Palmer and Barry Keenan, whose paths crossed one summer playing solo acoustic gigs on Cape Cod in Massachusetts. Keenan returned to L.A. at the end of the season, and when Palmer moved west a few years later, they began writing together.

Known for their richly-layered sound and off-beat lyrics, the duo record in Keenan’s home studio, trading off vocals and playing all the instruments. Their songs explore the complex challenges and emotions of everyday life, juxtaposing personal vulnerability with absurd humor.

Barry Keenan is the founder of the Los Angeles indie rock band Invisible Poet Kings. His second solo album, Contrary to Popular Belief, was released in June 2012 on the East of Sideways label. David Palmer is a multimedia artist whose work has been exhibited in galleries and museums across the US. He also helped create the three-headed dog in the first Harry Potter movie.

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